P.V.C. Shrink Film

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What is PVC shrink film?

PVC is a high density film that shrinks at high temperature ranges.The most commonly used shrink sleeve material for the market.It has excellent shrinkage rates,clarity,print quality,and a wide range of both shrink temperatures and shrink ratios.This scuff resistant shrink sleeve material has the lowest cost.

Benefits and Characteristics of PVC Shrink Film :

  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Good and quick shrinking using small or big heat tunnel
  • Excellent performances on manual and automatic machines - High slip for use in high speed automatic machines
  • Very strong and flexible
  • Low temperature (200˚ - 250˚) shrinking
  • Excellent Printability
  • Totally dust free and Resistance to Moisture / Oil.
  • High clarity (transparency) and brightness
  • Excellent product presentation - Very good Lay-flat properties
  • Excellent shrinkage control

PVC shrink types

  • Carefully manufactured to meet your packaging standards.
  • Rigid, soft, or extra soft, Shrink rolls could be manufactured depending on the weight of the desired packaged product.
  • Shrink PVC Rolls can be manufactured in many ways, Center folded, single wound, and tube rolls are available all depending of packaging machinery at your facilities.
  • Clear, tented, or printed are available in all sizes, widths range from 3-70 cm
  • Ideal for automatic and semi-automatic packaging.

“Check our range of packaging machinery available” and see how it works.

  • Ideal for Semi-automatic and manual packaging.
  • Customized with exact size to suit your product whether you are trying to package a regular or irregular shape. We always suggest sampling Shrink bags for testing purposes prior to purchasing, sampling could be done at our facilities, or you can send us samples by DHL to measure exact length and width of bag depending on the dimensions of your sample.
  • Printed bags are also available in different sizes.
  • Softness and rigidness of the shrink bag are chosen carefully to be able to hold your packaged product with absolute tightness and clear view.
  • Shrink bands are usually used to seal products.
  • Ideal for semi automatic and manual packaging.
  • Heat Shrink are manually applied around the neck of the cap that needs to be sealed or covered, heat is applied using a heat gun or semi automatic shrink oven until the band is tightened around the container.
  • Open from side and sealed from the other, or open from both sides, both applications are costumed by us to meet your needs.