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PE Extruded Nets

Regional Plastic Packages Mesh Bags are a revolution in packaging of agricultural produce; offering an attractive, sturdier and durable alternative, these meshes are heat sealed from one end and cut to form bags that are flexible and enable ventilation for packed goods. To meet the different demands of the market, we manufacture them in various widths, colors and mesh sizes.

Regional Plastic Packages has played a leading role in the manufacturing and distribution of Extruded Net bags since they were introduced over 20 years ago. Net bags (poly bags) are fine mesh bags made of synthetic material. You can use them to transport and export fruits and vegetables, as well as shellfish. Strong, durable, and breathable our extruded Net bags are available in various colors. Regional Plastic Packages has one of the most extensive packaging portfolios in the world. We specialize in working closely with our customers to identify their specific needs and developing customized netting solutions for every project.
Our experienced R&D department can design and produce bags at buyer’s requests with competitive prices. Our professional Quality Supervision department can ensure good quality and steady shipment for long cooperation.

Key Specifications/Special Features

Virgin PE extruded packaging sleeve net for fruits and vegetables Features:

  • Material: PE
  • Size: according to your request
  • Color: white, red, Yellow, orange, green (any color is available)

Function:  this extrude net can be used for the fruit packing and other products like plastic toy or the products in the supermarket


  • Highly flexible as compared to traditional materials.
  • Allows easy ventilation of packed commodities.
  • Sturdy material for greater protection.
  • Can be conveniently molded to form attractive packages.


The Key advantage of our net rolls is that they are suitable for all kind of packaging machines - automatic and semi- automatic packaging machinery. Rolls are usually placed on the automatic machine, during the packing process, it could be automatically/Manually closed with a piece of metal.
Net bag Rolls are a really fast and simple method for packaging fruit, vegetable and other agricultural products with mass production.
We offer a wide range of Nets with different widths and strength to perfectly fit your packaged products.
A wide range of different colors is available.

Protective sleeves:

Regional Plastic Packages provides a special type of highly resistant tubular nets that intends to provide a durable protection for metals, and glass objects.
This type of net protects objects from unwanted damage, which need to remain completely intact during transport, and protects them all the way to the end-user. It is particularly useful in:
We have the ability to produce Net bags in any desired length, width, and color that you desire.

Heat sealed bags

Regional Plastic Packages Produce bags that are made from soft, flexible diamond meshes that can gently conform around delicate produce and are strong enough to contain and protect different loads.
Furthermore, the open mesh design provides superior breathability and visibility to the contents in the produce bag. Usually used for manual promotional and food packaging. The bottom sealed part of the Nets are given maximum strength to held and contain up to 16 KG of weight without tearing. “Ask for free samples to test the strength of our Sealed Net bags”.
We have the ability to produce Net bags in any desired length, width, and color that you desire.
Protecting decorative objects.
Metal parts.
Chrome pipes.
Protective sleeve nets are very strong and highly durable, as they must provide a high level of protection for the objects they enclose. In addition to this, this type of net is marked by its elasticity, which allows optimal adaptability to any irregular shape of the object.