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Carry Handle Tape

Carry handle tapes are widely used on multi packs serving the beverages and hygienic industry giving them a great marketing advantage in adding value to their products with low cost.

Regional plastic packages In addition, we offer customized carry handles, in which we can print any desired design given by our customers. We offer our Carry handle tape in a form of laminated pieces with the printed carton stuck on the glued side of the tape, giving our customers an easy way to install the handle by removing the laminating sheet and sticking both sides of the tape on the product. Our Handles are extremely aggressive in its properties in which it could hold up to 15 KG of weight.

Carry handle tapes are used on (multi)packs to create carrying convenience for consumers. Markets tests proofed that packs with handles have a shorter shelf life compared than packs without handles. Another major benefit is that customers who are using carry handles can decrease the thickness of shrink film which results in significant cost reductions.The technology: The applicator machine which is integrated in the production line adds the separate carton insert onto the tape, cuts the handle and applies it on the package before moving further on the conveyor line

Carry handles are often to be found on packs of:

  • Mineral Water
  • Dairy
  • Soft Drinks
  • Juices
  • Milk
  • Hygiene (Toilet Paper, Kitchen Rolls)

Why use carry handle tape:

  • Create A Convenient Way For Carrying And Transporting Heavy Packages For Improved Customer Satisfaction.
  • Printed Handles Are A Very Convenient Way To Promote Your Product Giving It High Visibility In Making Your Brand, Logos And Special Offer Promotions Stand Out.
  • Carry Handle Tapes Are Also A Way To Cut Packaging And Handling Costs Compared To Other Alternatives.
  • Carry Handle Tape Promotes For A Green Environment By Being A Better Alternative Than The Use Of PE Shopping Bags.